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Friday, July 27, 2007

Becoming a "Googler"

My resignation was disclosed to my Novell team yesterday and today the story of my departure leaked...unbelievable how quick news travels. Check it out

I will miss you Novell!

Now a new era begins ;)


Paul Jacobson said...

When do you actually exit Novell?

Tedj said...


How's it going? My brother and I are trying to get ahold of you. Hope this gets to you.



Anonymous said...
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Philip said...

Good morning Stafford

I'm so out of the loop, never knew that you had left Novell!

Anyway, a belated congratulations - keep on doing the great things which you have been doing.


Philip Reneke

ewan said...

Where can I contact you for official business? What is the Google SA business contact details.

Stafford's my name said...

Please contact me at