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Monday, July 9, 2007

GeoWeb stuff

I've started messing around with Google's latest mapping "stuff"...picked it up by reading this Google Blog. Went out there and created my own map. This whole geospatial topic and subject I'll be exploring a little more. If any of you can point me to some cool web sites I'd appreciate it. I've heard of some really neat mashed maps...i.e. taking traffic cams and annotating them via the Google Maps API. Been looking for some of these custom built maps to see how some folks have used these tools...can't seem to get to them. Also, the "My Maps' features are awesome but it does lack some features that I couldn't see at first adding pics/video/ points on the map. Again, I'm sure someone out there knows where I should go...


Nick said...

Mr Masie - congrats on new position - I look forward to hearing about your strategy for the local market.

See link on Googlemap mashup possibilities:

Would love to meet with you about our mobile alerts service - see - we profile downloaded users and send profiled visual adverts based on interests. Get it on your own phone - see homepage (free mobile download - not a subscription service!)

Nick Herbert

Stafford's my name said...

Thanks for the post! Checking you out ;) Stafford (