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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

BMW South Africa

CLICK HERE to check out their YouTube channel - neads more videos but you can take a look at the making of the new M3 commercial.

2 comments: said...

yeah, we're torn between local and international online video presence. The nice thing about using a local portal is that you're more likely to get your message across to the right people, but from a volume point of view, there's just no comparing!

After uploading The Kinetic Sculptures ad (produced by BMW SA) it received a huge amount of traffic and we've subsequently found ourselves at the top of the youtube serp's for "bmw" (looks like we've dropped a little).

since going onto the 'tube, Theo Jansen has really risen in prominence and the advert has been re-flighted in both Germany and USA.

Nice little success story :) said...

Thanks for that ;) Great story! Will pass along to our YouTube PMM. Please send me your contact details via - cheers! Keep posting :)