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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cell phone killer's here!

No way! Look in my blog archive and you'll find that I published about a killer mobile app that I really'm sitting doing an interview today and on the table are a bunch of ads stuck to the salt and pepper tray - I swear I never ever look at these things but one of the tabs caught my eye (see the pic below) and led me to these folks :

They enable you to create a dynamic backup of all your personal phone content wirelessly into a secure personal vault! Essentially is works with the built in SyncML that comes with most of the latest phones and even has the ability to work with old devices via SMS. I published a 6 point features listing and EasyVault comes in at about 50% of my PRD ;) Missing are multiple device auto-sync, parental control/monitoring, graded sharing and user controlled granular vault integration. But...

I really like this; "When registering with a SyncML phone, Easy Vault™ Backup determines not only that you have a SyncML mobile phone but also which make of phone you have. Easy Vault™ Backup then sends the unique settings, over-the-air, required to activate the inbuilt SyncML function in your phone."

Also..."If your mobile phone is lost, stolen, damaged or upgraded a restore is performed which will seamlessly synchronize your new phone with the contact data stored in your personal vault on the Easy Vault™ server."

Upgrading or Downgrading
When you get a new mobile phone, no matter if this is an upgrade or downgrade on your previous model, Easy Vault™ Backup will identify your new phone and allow you to use the services applicable to your new phone.

Any data previously backed up to the Easy Vault™ server can be restored no matter what class your new phone is. This is because when data is received by the Easy Vault™ server it is converted into an encrypted standard format. When restoring, the data is then reformatted and sent to your new phone in the format required by the phone. For Class 1 and 2 phone simply text RESTORE to 32353. Class 3 phones text FIND and the first letter of the contacts name or the full name to 32353.

Evidence of the table ad :

Check it out folks

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