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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Google vertical demos

Check out these links for some interesting usages of the Google cloud;

Consumer Packaged Goods

Notice the cool applications of Google Earth and the Gadget ad examples.

There are two specific examples that truly resonated with me - they display a rich mashing of various content repositories - applied maths has never been so much fun; A Mighty Heart and Honda teaming up with a rock band.

Click on the ads and see the rich content rendering - pretty awesome!

IMHO: What each and every gadget should have is a mapplet link/tab with rich purchasing capabilities associated with it - i.e. financial features & location based geo...all mashed up ;) Hey, if you've got me interested in your movie at least show me where there are cinemas playing it nearby my present location...and let me buy tickets for two seats in row H...within the gadget!

There are so many applications to this "gadget'ing" - example; Amazon could parse their entire book review and purchasing via gadgets distributed throughout the web...another step further? Well, give consumers the ability to reuse your I can embed it within my site...and give me a cut of the transaction? Another step further? Well, modularise every piece of your online presence and core business...make it reusable so I can mash it into my personal gadget creation. aka The semantic web...a completely immersed object oriented mash of AI utterly orchestrated by the edges of the net ;)

I know, I know...enough already!

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