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Monday, December 17, 2007

SA politics - Polokwane 2007

Today has been an interesting and historical day in our country. This weekend has been quite an interesting one for me...each social I attended landed up with the ANC electoral conference in Limpopop being the debate - i.e. Jacob Zuma or Mbeki as the next President of the ANC? Many varying views, attitudes, and opinions. I have my own and I'd love to blurt it out here...but...why do so when Mondli Makhanya did it so meticulously in this column he wrote! Hopefully the majority of commonsense prevails in our country with so much potential! [click here to read Mr Makhanya's view]


Anonymous said...

Mr. Stafford, I'm amazed that you are actually endorsing Mr Mondi's position here - what is really worrying is that the editor of the country leading Sunday newspaper repeats a few public allegations and then calls Mr. Zuma an 'ogre'.

No analysis or astute observations befitting his (the editor's) exalted position, just crass name calling.

One has to but follow the news to realise that yes, there are allegations but not much else against Zuma. We have been hearing allegations for over four years now - surely Mr. Editor can do better than that? Remember there was a trial and the NPA was unable to provide enough documentation for it to proceed, leading to the judge throwing the case out of court.

It is surely worrying that a leading newspaper editor is actually so biased as to call the leader of the main political party in the country an 'ogre' - and that too without proof! I suppose he knows which side of HIS bread is buttered...

What is this country coming to? One wonders. said...

Hi there, thanks for reading my blog and posting this response - really appreciated! Politics and several other subjects are best left to debate in person and over a friendly drink - please email me and let's have a chat. I'm always open to correction and more than willing to listen to the alternative view. I invite you to educate me and I promise, should you be successful, I'll post it for the world to see...if not...I'll also post this for the world to see ;) Keep posting my friend!