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Friday, March 7, 2008

Eskom increases power exports...WOW!!

The Times posted this as a top story today; "Eskom exported power during crisis"

If true... This is unacceptable and completely unbelievable! Here are some snippets that made my jaw drop;

"Eskom increased exports to neighbouring countries in January, the month it shut down the local mining industry for five days and subjected cities to rolling blackouts that averaged more than three hours a day.

Statistics South Africa’s electricity data for January shows Eskom’s exports were nearly 13percent higher than in January 2007.

The utility exported 1278 gigawatt-hours this year, nearly 7percent of the 19322 gW h available in the country."

"Schussler said: “Eskom’s annual report shows it charges customers outside South Africa an average of 11c per kilowatt-hour, while it charges domestic industry 17c/kWh and households 41c/kWh. In other words, South Africa does not have the world’s cheapest power: our neighbours do, thanks to Eskom.""

Come on's so clear this entire scenario and company is being mis-managed! No! I don't think a Jacob Zuma is going to resolve this problem as mentioned in the article! I believe privatization (GET GOVERNMENT OUT!!!!), a sustainable development programme for moth-balled stations and additional capacity (developed by competent industry specialists), and a verbose/tangible/short-term/private sector alternative energy strategy implemented YESTERDAY ALREADY...will start to address this crippling of South Africa!

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Pretty funny - thanks for posting ;)