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Friday, March 14, 2008

Going Quirky ;)

Rob and the folks over at Quirk recently launched BrandsEye - besides really liking the name...I believe tools like these are absolutely needed if you're interested in monitoring and maintaining your online reputation...well...simply ensuring that when someone says something bad about your product(s), service(s), people, or can respond before it spirals beyond your control...and in the online world...where the consumer is can get out of your control!

I like the fact that this service is not only the first of its kind in South Africa...but it's being delivered by a South African crew - we need more of this!!

Seems like Rob and team have created some software to do this monitoring - not much mentioned about the details of their software but I assume, like other Online Reputation Monitoring (ORM) tools it focuses heavily on RSS feeds. Hopefully you're using Google Alerts as part of the service Rob ;)

The launch timing of BrandsEye is actually quite coincidental considering that SearchEngineLand published this recent story about ORM. Additionally they've published this article about the 9 Essential Tactics for ORM - interesting reads!

If you're not doing ORM will soon be!

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Tim Shier said...

Hi Stafford,

Thanks for the great post (and link love :) ).

I must say, we really proud of the fact that BrandsEye is competitive in the international arena. South Africa has tremendous potential to create waves in the global market, but projects often don’t make it to release due to funding problems etc (that said, the concept generation is top notch!).

You have phrased BrandsEye as an Online Reputation Monitoring tool. While this is true – it is also SO much more… it allows the user to tag relevant information onto each mention (such as credibility, traffic info, sentiment etc), this in tern allows for specific posts to be filtered out and managed. This information is then compiled into a single reputation score providing a brand with the “spot price” of their reputation as well as a graph of it over time.

ORM is something we have been watching with open eyes since we started BrandsEye development (almost 18 months ago). It’s just a matter of time before Brands/companies and individuals sit-up and realise the importance of ORM.