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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Anthony has asked me a question this evening that so many have asked me in the past; Where do I go to listen to interesting podcasts... Well, I recommend one particular website: - I really like the spread of topics and Scott Lemon, a regular on the site, is a friend of mine who lives out in Utah - one of those really geeky geeks ;)

So, head to itconversations and dump a bunch of those mp3's on your iPod/Touch/Phone, or whatever mp3 device you own, and listen to it whilst driving or just hanging around. Whenever I travel I'm always catching up on podcasts that I find interesting. Enjoy!!


Duncan said...

Hi Stafford,

You may want to check out:

A new, weekly local tech podcast.


Duncan said...

Oh, it's also available in the iTunes Store. Just search for "ZA Tech Show".