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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blackouts (aka Load Shedding) continue...

Took this pic using my blackberry - sushi bar in Sandton at 1:30pm - the entire malls' lights went out. The first time I've been in a mall during a blackout and it's an eerie experience when all the electrified mechanics and processes suddenly stop - we live in a world with an immense amount of continual electrically engineered ambient noise! I could hear someone laugh two floors below... There were areas of the mall that we just couldn't walk through because the airflow was controlled by automated air-cons...unbearable smells!! This cannot possibly continue for another 5 years...and I think everyone has forgotten that we consume more electricity during winter - which we're about to enter... I expect the load on our national grid will be too much this season and expect stories of people freezing to death...and...load shedding that's a great deal more extenive and lengthy May through till early September! I am really worried about winter this year!!


Darryn said...

Hey there Stafford

We recently launched a free little app that allows you to monitor the schedules of different locations, and receive notifications when outages are expected, shutdown/hibernate your pc, write to the Windows event log, run scripts (backup/sms/email etc) before the power goes.

You can check it out here - let us know what you think.

Darryn said...

Hi there Darryn, PLEASE contact me ASAP - I'd like to chat about making your application a Google gadget and accessible to all users via

Please email me your contacts ASAP - thanks!


Nigel van Tura said...

Stafford/Darryn....this apps works great thanks! I have tested it (v2.0.1) and works great in terms of accurate notifications etc. Cool tool :)