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Friday, April 4, 2008

One of my favourite quotes

I presented the other day to an audience of non-technologists...a group of financial investors - I used one slide and placed the following quote on it - they were pretty blown away by the talk just like I was when I read this;

"The ability to communicate - readily, at great distances, in robes of light - is so crucial and coveted that in the Bible it is embodied only in angels. Distance is a fundamental premise of a material world. It fell not to the force of the telegraph, the telephone, the television, or the airplane. None of these achieve true action at a distance. Transmitting a few words, a few minutes of voice, even a few filmed spectacles that broadcasters deign to bounce around the globe, serves only to remind us how bound and gagged we are - how tied to the limits of time and space that angels traverse in an instant.
These gags and ties are now giving way. When anyone can transmit any amount of information, any picture, any experience, any opportunity to anyone or everyone, anywhere, at any time, instantaneously, without barriers of convenience or cost, the resulting transformation becomes a transfiguration. The powers it offers bring us back to the paradigms of paradise and its perils, prophets and their nemeses: infinite abundances and demonic scarcities." - George Gilder, Telecosm.

I read Telecosm back when I was still living in Provo, Utah - these two paragraphs have been inscribed...

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