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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ultimate Employees

I am often asked about my opinion re the best employee and I always respond with the following; I choose blind passion, a pinch of humility, absolute integrity and an insanely positive attitude...over any level competency! Why would I appoint a Phd graduate who lacks in these other areas?! Give me a person or team that is able to just about read or write yet has those attributes...and I'll conquer anyone and achieve anything...and love doing it!


Isobel McKenna said...

....and if you add "Can Do Attitude" , "diplomatically assertive", "strong organizational skills, "interpersonal skills", "computer skills" with artistic flair, and a "determination to succeed and excel" - you have your perfect employee.

Hi Stafford,
I have left a message before on your blog - if you remember the "Loadshedding Blues" song? I have been in South Africa for a year now and am would like to re-enter the job market. I would love to work for Google - sorry to put it so blunt.
If Google is hiring - where can I send my CV?

Thanks and regards,

Isobel McKenna said...

Hi there Isobel - thanks for the posting! Please go to the following url for all the job listings in South Africa;

Thanks again and keeping blogging ;)


Isobel McKenna said...

Thanks Stafford, I will keep checking the website.

The Product Marketing position in Nairobi is tempting - the commute is a bit far ;-)