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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cairo public transportation

I've been to Egypt many times now and I just love catching a ride in one of those beaten up fiat cabs. Took this pic of the dashboard inside the one we caught last week when we landed... Ha!(The person I was with walked into a culture shock of note but was a great sport... Awesome trip and we HIGHLY recommend diving the Red Sea! YES, that's why I haven't been posting on my blog recently!)

Btw: I love the new lighting system they've implemented at OR Tambo Intl Airport - check the pic below... I always used to struggle so much finding a parking spot, upper or lower level, and these sparkling red (occupied) and green (available) LED's are absolutely awesome - haven't seen this implemented before...thanks ACSA! As you pull halfway into the open bay, the light changes from green to red...hey, so these subtle things do it for me ;)


Eddie said...

That's definitely very neat! They should do that in all the parking spots here in Canada. said...

Agreed! I just came from the airport again today and it keeps impressing me cause they have it deployed in the domestic parking area also ;) (Thanks for the post Eddie - keep going!!)