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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ok ok ok ok....... ;)

Hi there - I have received soooooo many emails from folks asking if I'm still alive...when I'm blogging again...or that my blog sucks 'cause it's out of date - enough already!! I'll start posting again ASAP - starting this weekend. It's just been absolutely manic over here...BUT SO MUCH FUN! Hang in there folks ;)


ndao said...

i was reading Wanted Magazine and i came across your article and man was i inspired, before the article i knew nothing about you but i was blown away by your love and passion for your work. I dont have matric but i want to be just like you...if we could have more passionate S.Africans like you wow what a great nation we will be.

Anonymous said...

inspired? by the only human who can be seen from space - and that's just Stafford's head! At last the Great Wall of China gets a run for its money! said...

Thanks for the commentary and compliments Ndao...but..please don't be like can be so so so much better ;-) Like Steve Jobs said; Stay hungry and stay foolish!

Mr. Anonymous ...LOL! Talk about bringing me back down to ground! Geez! I agree with you! To be honest, I would not be inspired by me either ;-) I'll try shrinking my head a little...will be hard...but I'll try hard...promise!