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Saturday, January 31, 2009

'You've got to find what you love'

Steve Jobs is awesome! Here's the video footage of the speech "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" - click here for transcript

This speech really inspires me whenever I read it - gives some perspective each time.

Caught up on some news regarding Steve Jobs this morning and found this article displaying how visionary he is and how accurate his predictions have per this Rolling Stone Magazine article.

Interesting to see what he says about the music industry in Dec 2003 and how things have evolved to date.

I don't completely agree with his take on intellectual property protectionism...but his explanation re theft is neat...and the underlying strategy behind the success of the iPod imho ;-) Here is one of his answers from the Rolling Stone Magazine article; "...If copyright dies, if patents die, if the protection of intellectual property is eroded, then people will stop investing. That hurts everyone. People need to have the incentive that if they invest and succeed, they can make a fair profit. Otherwise they'll stop investing. But on another level entirely, it's just wrong to steal. Or, let's put it another way: it is corrosive to one's character to steal. We want to provide a legal alternative. And we want to make it so compelling that all those people out there who really want to be honest, and really don't want to steal, but haven't had a choice if they wanted to get their music online, will now have a choice. And we think over time, most people stealing music will choose not to if a fair and reasonable alternative is presented to them. We are optimists. We always have been."

Get well soon Steve Jobs :)


The iPhone now has 1.1 percent marketshare of the entire global mobile phone market. In 2008 Apple sold 13.7 million iPhone 3G units - on par with HTC and slightly ahead of Sharp.

Nokia is the market leader with 38.6 percent market share

Motorola's second at 8.3 percent (and falling)


Rob Stokes said...

Awesome! Steve is a legend. Period. said...

Couldn't agree with you more! It's amazing what he's done for the music business; in one of my earlier blogs I refer to iTunes surpassing Walmart in music sales in early '08...astounding how quick that happened considering the Rolling Stones article was only in '03. Watching what their impact will be over time re the movie business... Thanks for the comment Mr. Stokes ;-)