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Sunday, January 25, 2009


So...this is the "stuff" on my mind at the moment and "stuff" I'll be blogging about;

* -Real time- enterprises

* True "cloud computing" applications and businesses (models)

* The elastic cloud

* Future of the visual web - new data to human and data to data interaction methods coming up...

* New energy sources - lots has happened since I last blogged about renewable energy; check it out

* Credit crunch - where to from here and the net result is the socializing of the entire global financial backbone and a couple of the largest car manufacturers... (Like the Premiere League being sold out to oil money magnates since the West and the Russians are crunched - Ha!)

* Great websites and simple principles to ensure an awesome web property - why do keep getting this wrong here in SA?

* 2010 World Cup - if I had the time to initiate these simple startups ;-)

* What happens when you have not flown a microlight in a while...and then you do ;-o

* amazed me from the day it IPO'd - Dave Nelson my dearest friend...we bet on the share price of Yahoo! versus owe me so huge ;-) Remember when I was telling everyone that Jeff wasn't on about selling books...the presentation I did in 2000; "The business you are in, is not necessarily the business you'll be in tomorrow"...LOL, dreamy!!

* Update on the diving side of life - close encounter with 50 million years of evolution versus NONE (me)

* Is it going to be the network carrier or the next gen WASPS or the handset manufacturers or the banks or the pre-pay folks or the ISV's or just little Joe Bloggs...that'll create the real mobile killer data app?

* Telepresence + verbose telemetry + biokinetics + the singularity...dreamy :)

* Starting a MPL to PPL grants fund for underprivileged kids in 2009 - lets make them fly to give them a different perspective!

P.S. Started reading this book since watching Obama and listening to everyone talk about Martin Luther King jr...and not knowing too much about the man - on pg 73 right now and it's got me!

This should keep me blogging for a while...

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