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Friday, March 6, 2009

Copy and pasting from your website...

Bumped into this very very interesting company - try it out - I like the positives (see below)...but it does not provide any indication that the user will know you are tracking their copy/paste activity. It would also be great if there was a "Trace icon/indicator" indicating that the content you're consuming on a blog or website has been copied - but I guess the link back to the original url would be a manner of achieving this. (But, what if I move content around via my CMS and the url's change? Don't think Tracer will be able to track that...if they would be an awesome way to create a hyperlink tracer for hyperlinks - ha! Ok, enough!) This may be a tool that the intellectual property rights folks will love...and could be a great way to introduce the concept of "data tagging and following"...similar to a twitter/facebook following...not just a social graph...maybe a "data graph" also? Mmmm

Anyway - check out the tool...great SEO value props!

Here's their pitch;


Each time a user highlights or copies text or images from your site Tracer records the user action, and automatically adds a link back to the original content when it is pasted. Now, you can see what is being copied from your site and benefit from the additional traffic generated by each copy.


  • Generate more visits and page views
  • Measure and understand user engagement
  • Get credit for your content when it is copied
  • Improve your search engine ranking

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