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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Geo Geo Geo...I'm telling you all...GEO!!!

Most of us in South Africa are familiar with the O'Reilly tech books - they are brilliant but Tim O'Reilly and crew also do these O'Reilly Radar reports - please tag onto them - I highly recommend it... It's the Harvard Business review articles/analysis for the ICT sector ;-)

The one I recently acquired - you can purchase/subscribe online and get them in pdf - deals with the evolution of the GEO web - a preview is downloadable here.

Folks - get it! This is the basis of location based services and geo rendering of location oriented data annotations. I've always said in my pressos that geo is going to be big and those familiarizing themselves, at minimum, will have first mover advantage here in SA!

Excellent blog on Google's various map mashups - click here

Little prediction : GEO mashups will be one of the most sought after deliverables for online web real estate/content end '09 and into 2010. It'll be a niche that mainstream integration players will be able to build businesses around! Check out Google's latlong blog and O'Reilly GEO radar - enjoy!

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