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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interesting developments & some kewl stuff

* Multisensory marketing - the resurrection of print? i.e. Video ad in a magazine by Americhip
* Print experiences the largest historical decline in ad revenues - check out the report
* Latest (Aug '09) on digital music sales versus CD - original NPD release here - check out the graphic in this report

* Latest (Aug '09) Facebook stats and demographics - check out Ben's post on the numbers - click here for the blog post (FYI: currently at 266m active users)
* Chris Anderson on the FREE economy
* Time to start thinking about infinite broadband capacity and availability - click here for synopsis on the article and if you find it interesting I recommend George Gilder's book "Telecosm"
* Ultra transparency : Really kewl IT Spending trends and data published by the US Federal Government - click here
* Google launches StreetView partner program - check it out
* Choosing a wife mathematically - here

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