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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Most beautiful car...ever?

This car, the Bertone Pandion, simply blew me away - the design is incredible and I would rank it amongst the top 3 most beautiful super car designs ever conceptualized. Here's a review by UK car mag and also check out this Flickr collection of pics. I created a little Picasa album here.

The car is designed by Bertone, company established by a gentleman called; Guiseppe Nuccio Bertone (actually started by his dad who initiated it's focus on an Italian coach building and design) - the website is in Italian (english link not activated) but here is a rather anemic Wikipedia entry regarding the man and here an awesome embedded/hidden landing page I discovered which gives us some chronological depth related to the man - amazing history and relevance to some of the most iconic automobile designs - great read even if you're not really into this petrolhead stuff :)

The best pictures, videos and brochureware related to the Pandion can be found here - simply the most beautiful car design...ever?!

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