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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Google gets greeny...

If you haven't seen this yet check out out Google's renewable energy projects. You've got to love it - I posted some commentary on renewable energy recently and been doing some personal research - yes, this is truly coincidence ;)

I love this place!!

Anyway - been reading some of the posts like these two on - one and two. Why are people so confused re Google's interest and drive in this area? - it's kinda obvious isn't it? A company with some of the largest data centers POP's in the world really cares about energy consumption and related costs! If Google discovers a method or means of leveraging/harnessing solar/hydro/wind energy it may create an unreachable competitive edge...whilst saving the planet...kinda like it's already doing today - ha!

Anyway - that's just my personal take ;)


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