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Friday, March 21, 2008

4X4 & equestrian skills...NOT!

Ok, ok...I got stuck...but nobody told me that this car actually IS NOT a 4X4! We got this rental and I decided to show all those pretty girls on the beach what an amazing 4X4 man I much for that! The result was Dee standing there shaking her head...LOL...a tractor towing me out...and us seeking a garage to pump those deflated tyres - 'sigh'Dee sent me several pics of the group riding those horses on the beach at Sodwana...what you see in the pic below (flexing wrestle manie wanna be) lasted 2 seconds - the before and after pics are me, wide-eyed, screaming and simply ensuring I wasn't going to be flung into the ocean! This was the first horse ride in about 7 years - last one was going through Sundance in Utah (Wasatch mountain range)...but I am now so hooked on galloping down a stretch of white sand and being in rhythmic sync with this animal at full stretch...and me clinging on for dear life!
Look, besides me getting stuck with that "4X4" and almost breaking my leg on a sprinting horse...this day was actually amazing! The dive at Anton Reef was unbelievable; visibility outstanding and the marine life abundant! Oh yes, I forgot...some of us fell asleep on the beach...never been that sunburnt in my life...I'm was peeling for three weeks after!

Mr Gear, make sure you don't miss that trip also! Enjoy chasing down those gorillas in the Ugandan forests - only you Fraser, only you ;)

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Anonymous said...

Just a question - what country is that? Because driving your 4X4 on the beach is illegal in South Africa because of the environmental damage done.