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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

South Africa in Google Earth

Click on the image above and check out the South Africa tourism layers you can view within Google Earth. The folks over at Quirk really did a good job - well done Rob!!

There are two very useful videos to watch - click here


Quirk said...

Hey Stafford, thanks for the props.
I really can’t take much credit for it though - my awesome team are the ones who delivered the goods on this great project. I think this is one of the coolest things we have ever done at Quirk and without them (and of course our client SAT) it would never have been possible.
Now we just gotta wait for you guys to turn it on in Google Earth for the rest of the world to see :)

Dalton said...

pretty amazing.
now all we need is live video in key areas... imagine if google earth could tap into 5 of the 120 cameras they have setup in JHB CBD like in the states, people could actually see for themselves what the streets of joburg look like before they come and visit
Nice blog said...

Hey there "Quirk" - thanks to the entire team then ;) AWESOME WORK FOLKS! Turning it on in the core layers of Earth...all in good time :)

Dalton - thanks for the commentary! What you are looking for is "streetview" in google maps for South Africa...that would be so cool *evil grin*

Keep posting people - thanks!