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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nicholas Carr on twitter's 140 character limit...

I've added a couple of my sister's acquaintances as friends on gtalk and twitter - they're all about 7-10 years younger than I am - Been reading their messages and tweats - to be completely honest, I just don't understand most of them...the acronyms and symbols used to convey emotion and a more verbose meaning behind the shortest word combines and structures...are...well...almost impossible at times for me to decipher!

Nicholas Carr takes it a little further in defining the usage of the entire 140 character limit on Twitter...found this quote quite interesting;

"Who sends a 160-character text(sms)? A 160-character text would feel downright Homeric. And that's what a 140-character tweet is starting to feel like, too. I think our alphabetic system of writing may be doomed. It doesn't work well with realtime communication. That's why people are forced to use all sorts of abbreviations and symbols - the alphabet's just too damn slow. In the end, I bet we move back to a purely hieroglyphic system of writing, with the number of available symbols limited to what can fit onto a smartphone keypad. Honestly, I think that communicating effectively in realtime requires no more than 25 or 30 units of meaning. Give me 30 glyphs and a URL shortener, and I'm good." - Nicholas Carr - author of IT Doesn't Matter and The Big Switch

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