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Monday, November 23, 2009

Marketing 101...simplified!

One of the best, "moment of relevance" meets "where the consumers are" meets "per transaction long tail billing", marketing placement I've seen in the physical world : I met these guys several times in the multi-level parking of one of the malls here in SA.
Their business strategy and plan : Two multi-talented guitarists/vocalists working 4 floors in close collaboration with the parking attendants monitoring traffic flow per level. They swap floors constantly and also theme their music custom to each - i.e. level -2 is where all the kids entertainment and toy stores are (therefore music is more pop and kiddie oriented), level -1 is adult clothing and merchandise, so they do the more contemporary stuff... They place themselves close to the parking pay point stations in order to score some of the change folks have left... They're average take per weekend is R2,500 each and on month-end weekend's it can reach R6,000. Not bad at all and says a great deal about placements, targeting, profiling/personalization, and relevancy...definitely lessons these guys personify versus some of the big marketing campaigns I've seen executed around town :) See below;
Wonder who's paying for the billboard space above...mmm! ;-)


Ayanda said...

too funny... whoever chose that spot to erect the billboard is an idiot..lolest :-) said...

so true :)