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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bill Gates backing a nuclear energy startup!

I found this quite interesting; Gates at TED2010 speaking about the planetary CO2 emission problem and our challenge bringing it to zero. "We need an energy miracle", says Gates. Most of the talk was the usual global warming and CO2 jargon but towards the end of his presso he mentions a company called Terrapower - he describes them as a company focusing on enabling great alternative ideas and innovation within the nuclear energy arena - mentions some of this in the video above but here's a snippet from their online company info; “a wave of fission moving slowly through a fuel core could generate a billion watts of electricity continuously for well over 50 to 100 years without refueling.” In other words, power is generated via reactors that run on natural or depleted uranium - ok, that sounds pretty miraculous to me!

He is backing this nuclear reactor redesigning "startup" via Intellectual Ventures (Microsoft CTO, Nathan Myhrvold is also involved) - click here for the official video describing what Terrapower is all about. I'll be doing more research into this from hereon - looks interesting and very promising; "an important alternative to create a financially and socially attractive emission-free energy that is safe and sustainable." - if Bill Gate's is backing it we've got to pay attention to it...hopefully that $40+ billion gets us our "energy miracle".

P.S. Funny comment at posted below the video on youtube; "What will plants breath without CO2?" :)

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