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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stats, stats...more stats!

Apple surpasses TEN BILLION iTunes songs downloaded/purchased

Apple App Store =
58 million users
280 million apps downloaded in December 2009 alone!
3+ billion downloads
140,000+ apps available

Great article comparing all the mobile application stores

Amazon Kindle sales estimates approx 2 million units sold!
Amazon Kindle sales push profits by 71%!

Twitter about to hit TEN BILLION tweets served!

More than 20 hours of video uploaded into YouTube every minute of every day! (May'09 stat!)

Google's query per second (QPS) is approx 30-40 million on a calm worldwide day!

We really should take a step back and realize what's actually happening here - these numbers are ENORMOUS and we're definitely drifting over them lightly. At minimum they're proving consumer acceptance of the e-reader/mobile phone connected to application store/data repository models emerging today. I will be blogging on these architectures and my two-cents on what they mean and where we're heading from hereon - fascinating to be a part of this technological renaissance!

"We tend to overestimate technology in the short term and underestimate it in the long term!"

"The future is already here...just unevenly distributed!"

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