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Monday, March 8, 2010

My Kindle....

Ok, so here are some random thoughts and things about my Kindle after a couple months of daily usage;

What I don't like

  • Selection limited for South African's - don't believe the huge library/literature/book download/availability bragging
  • ie I can't download Wired magazine (not allowed) or purchase most books in the tech genre
  • South African local content non-existing
  • Content management is flawed - a lot of content comes across formatted incorrectly
  • Connectivity in SA pathetic - signal loss means no newspaper (and other daily's) updates
  • Clippings possible but not granular enough and the management, review of clippings difficult to navigate and manage
  • Newspaper and Mags update erratically and without limited notification or tracking
  • Keyboard difficult to type on
  • Four point "mouse" quick but feels restricted
  • e-ink easy on eyes but the plastic screen cover reflects overhead lighting (glare)
  • Content still feels static and limited - it's a simple port of offline content onto an electronic medium
  • I've already bought so many books I'm yet to read - would be great if I could download those onto Kindle at no cost
  • Connectivity slow which results in screen display render being slow and frustrating
  • Tendency to freeze/hang periodically
  • Amazon's social online destination for Kindle owners is so lame...
  • Beta web browser on Kindle a joke
  • Device feels delicate and screen easily scratched
  • Search sucks and not accurate - the results often hidden if you don't know exactly what you want
  • Kindle device "Home" page layout needs work - simply listing things sequentially and page by page is archiac
  • Blogs not accessible to South Africa users

What I like;

  • Instant gratification
  • Ease of purchase - 1-click purchase simply awesome!
  • Archiving older subscription based publications I missed
  • Memory of where I was even though I navigated away
  • e-ink is just like paper and easy on eyes
  • Navigating through news sections efficient (but I'd like each article title to have a relevant blurb that makes better sense to the relevance and subject matter of the hyperlink)
  • Form factor allows me to carry an entire bookcase without the burden of lugging a tree trunk in my bag
  • Bookmarking easy
  • Battery life
  • Amazon's huge book selection
  • Screensavers/hibernate displays are cool
  • Digital text platform - - allows others to sell their books on the Kindle
  • Self publishing via third party

Summary: with all it's quirks, it still works awesomely well and has become a complete much so that it's extremely frustrating that I can't do more with it or get more on it. There are so so many possibilities with this product/platform. I think it's expensive and I think it's inevitable that we'll see the free
Kindle on a 2 year plan...just like a mobile phone...(it costs half the price of a blackberry so why not?)

What I would love;

  • A Kindle for my kids - colourful...with access to only kids content (ie all archie comics) - my 9 year old would eat it up!
  • Granular, per article subscription
  • Touch screen with multitouch
  • Better caching of amazon titles - why not store all titles local so we don't have to go online to search
  • Broader SA/local content - deal with Naspers?
  • Better search and navigation
  • Ability to browse better
  • Facebook friend connect for Kindle - imagine!
  • Kindle application marketplace - therefore Kindle content needs to be completely open and free?
  • Instant messaging and twitter enablement?
  • Blackberry type keyboard
  • Home page look and feel makeover
  • Phone calls on my Kindle? - skype + webcam please?

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